Looking for power

The latest tests showed that we don’t get the expected power from the powerline necessary for takeoff. The airspeed still remains below the takeoff-speed. For trying to lift the baby off with these specifications we would need optimal weather conditions.

So right now we are concentrating on getting more power and further reducing the water-resistance. So currently we are checking several options. The lakes will soon be frozen in Finland but this naturally will not prevent us from going ahead. We will be able to optimize the settings for the powerline and continue testing in warmer climate then.

We will keep the delay as short as possible. Stay tuned!


Nanos first attempts to takeoff

At our previous high speed planing tests our maximum airspeed has been around 65km/h. During tests when Nano was heading up we noticed that Nanos tail tip touched the water surface taking speed down and preventing getting the right angle for the wings. Anyway we were pleased to see that Nano stays very steady even when it's coming down nose first.

The modification has been done by now and we are ready for the next test in the upcoming days. And again, big thanks for all you enthusiasts participating and supporting us!


Fly Nano Oy won the LahtiSBP's business idea competition 2011

“The winning idea of the general competition in 2011 is very international, innovative and brave in nature. In addition it can be said that the idea in question is not just a thought, it’s actually being concretized as real and tangible international business,” says Jalo Paananen, the Chairman of the Jury.

In total 56 business ideas were sent to the competition. More than 1/3 of the participants were cleantech-related.

Lahti Science and Business Park Ltd's business idea competition


Planing test - Chasing air

FlyNano proto is planing on the edge again! Weather was not optimal and Nano's airspeed was still slightly too slow (~60km/h). Our next test will be as soon as we have nice calm weather. This Finnish autumn weather is sometimes surprising. Luckily it has stayed warm so we don't expect ice cover on our testsite yet :) Thanks for all the comments from You !


E-motor mounted

The new electric motor has now been mounted properly and it was running nicely in our test site's hangar. There's still some adjusting work with prop blades. We'll also integrate the accelerator handle with the control stick before the water taxi tests next week.

It's great to get back to the lake!


Mounting the electric motor

Hi guys! It has been a long time waiting for the electric motor but finally we got it last week. Now we have been building air intakes for cooling, mounts etc. so soon we'll be ready to test the baby with it's new electric heart, Flytec HPD 13.5 with the new adjustable Helix propeller.

Stay tuned!


News update

Hello guys,
here we have an update for you: We ordered our new electrical​ engine from Flytec at the beginning of June. But it seems they had to cope with unforeseen​ problems with respect to other matters than our case. The current status is that the engine is purchased and in production​ line now but unfortunat​ely has not been sent out yet. We’re eager to get this engine asap. The Nano looked so great in the last video and was lifting off at around 40 km/h with empty weight already. So let’s hope that Flytec will speed up a bit :).

Thank you for your support and engagement​!

FlyNano team


News from test site

There weren’t any news from our side for a long time now. Anyway we have been working hard on Nano in many respects and things are moving in the right direction. We have great news from our test site! We managed to essentially reduce the water resistance with the new hull design. So far we have done towing tests with the new hull. In fact the wings are beginning to lift Nano up already at a speed of 45km/h. 

And why without engine? Well, we just had too many challenges when using the gas engines. We ended up with the electric engine because we don't want our customers to be confronted with the same issues. We want to provide only the best solutions and safe experiences for our customers. We expect to get the electric power line soon and we are feeling very optimistic with its properties. Nano is now ready to handle the new powerline and to face new taxi tests. 

We will keep you updated!

- FlyNano team -


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