News from test site

There weren’t any news from our side for a long time now. Anyway we have been working hard on Nano in many respects and things are moving in the right direction. We have great news from our test site! We managed to essentially reduce the water resistance with the new hull design. So far we have done towing tests with the new hull. In fact the wings are beginning to lift Nano up already at a speed of 45km/h. 

And why without engine? Well, we just had too many challenges when using the gas engines. We ended up with the electric engine because we don't want our customers to be confronted with the same issues. We want to provide only the best solutions and safe experiences for our customers. We expect to get the electric power line soon and we are feeling very optimistic with its properties. Nano is now ready to handle the new powerline and to face new taxi tests. 

We will keep you updated!

- FlyNano team -