FlyNano ready for take-off

FlyNano will continue the test flights – which were interrupted by the
Finnish winter – as soon as the covering ice of the lakes in Southern
Finland is gone allowing safe taxiing for take-off and landing.

During the winter the prototype got an entirely new power-train, which
will make last autumn's shortage of power a part of history. The new
engine, propeller, controller and batteries form a package that is
substantially stronger than the earlier model.

When the FlyNano concept was presented last year at the Aero 2011
trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany, it was envisioned to be primarily
powered with a combustion engine. However, the development of
electric motors and batteries has been immense during the past year
and the demand for electric powerlines has been increasing continuously.
In the future FlyNanos will primarily be equipped with electric
motors as a response to the final users' expectations.

FlyNano's goal is to start the production within the following year and
to deliver the first 35 planes – already sold in advance – by the end of
2013. The international patent is currently pending to protect the

Now focusing on the on-going test-flight program in Finland, FlyNano
will not participate at Aero 2012.

Original press release 11.04.2012